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Ellen's amazing transformation (28 days!)

Ellen has just completed her 28-day HBM Matchatox! She is feeling more energised, looking trim and feeling confident! #Babesdrinkmatcha

Hey HBM!! Here is before and after my 28-day Matchatox program! Last year I did not feel confident at all in my body, and with springbreak around the corner I wanted to feel good about my body this year! The first thing I noticed was a big increase in energy and my skin also began to clear. I also felt a lot more energy than usual, this was really noticeable after a few days! With the extra energy I was able to get through my regular exercise with ease…so much for those tired and groggy mornings, I am now sticking to my program in a way I never have before!  Thanks to the added boost from HBM! Thank you so much team xoxo! PS the bottle is amazing I love it and use it almost every day!


Jan 16, 2016 • Posted by Jo Ann

Hello do you follow an eating plan while on this or you just drink the tea? Thanks

Jun 06, 2015 • Posted by laurax

Great pre-workout product and also really good to sip on whenever I’m feeling low on energy. As someone who has suffered from motivation to workout (don’t we all) I recommend this highly! Helped me tone up for an upcoming ball and I feel a lot better about myself right now!

Jun 03, 2015 • Posted by christina

That’s really impressive, was this really just 28 days?

You look considerably smaller…

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