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5 Tips for waking up early to exercise



Let’s face it getting up in the morning is not easy. For most people! But the benefits of getting up early are very tempting. Feeling good early on in the day feels good and sets the tone for the rest of the day. After all, who doesn’t feel happy with themselves putting in the effort for a workout before they start their day?

  1. Set an alarm clock that you cannot press ‘snooze’ on. Or move it away from your bedside.

This means you can’t not be up at the time you’ll need to be.

  1. Pack your gym bag before you go to bed

Refer to the 5 p’s for this one. Prior preparations prevent poor peformances! Getting everything packed and ready in the morning means there is one less thing you’ll need to think about. When you wake up in a haze it’s good to not have to do anything ‘extra’!

  1. Get an early night

It is important to get enough sleep – if you’re too tired you won’t be able to perform the way you want as well as risk feeling terrible the next day. Besides, who doesn’t love a good long sleep?

  1. Workout with a friend

It’s harder to skip exercise when there’s another dedicated friend involved. Who wants to let their friends down?

  1. Prepare your breakfast the night before

Just like packing your gym bag it’s important to have breakfast ready to eat. You don’t want to have to do anything you’ll need to think about before you hit the gym! When you’re in zombie-mode keep your life easy!

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