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Our Mission

At Healthy Body Matcha, our mission is to help you achieve your ideal health and fitness goals in an organic and authentic way through our unique Matchatox Program (Matcha + Detox = Matchatox!). Our program marks the beginning of your journey to nourish and detoxify your body inside and out.

HBM’s Matchatox supports you to energize, beat bloat, and boost your metabolism. After months of research, trips to Japan, and trying every matcha under the sun, we have created our own unique blend of amazing ceremonial grade matcha with the most efficient and effective ingredients. 

Our Detox Matcha Blends

Planted with heart and plucked by hand from the Nishio region, buried deep within the heart of Japan’s main island Honshu, our team brings you only the highest quality organic ceremonial grade matcha. Nishio's ideal climate, fresh river waters, fertile soils, and remoteness foster the growth of tea leaves that are resiliently green and full of nutrients. Matcha is known today as the healthiest, rarest and most premium of all tea varieties in Asia. We are bringing to you one of Japan’s best kept secrets—there’s a reason why Japanese people have the longest life expectancy and some of the most trim physiques in the entire world!

Our team specifically created our unique matcha blend to detoxify by naturally aiding your body to remove nasty toxins, elevate your energy levels, and boost your metabolism. The ingredients have been selected to easily and sustainably kick-start your body to be a healthier you. With the HBM Program, you can be assured that you are consuming the highest quality and the most effective ingredients.

The HBM Community

At HBM, we aim to provide a positive and supportive environment to help you achieve your health goals.

Being a healthy person, practicing a positive lifestyle and being mindful is not a fad—it is our mantra and way of living. When joining our HBM community, we will share all our tips and tricks on how to cleanse and nourish your body, stay fit, and maintain your new, vibrant lifestyle.

Life After Matcha

So you have finished your program, and you’re thinking, "What now? Does my body reset and go back to normal before I started?" Our answer is simple: this is a lifelong journey, and we are here with you to help.

Maintaining a healthy balanced physical, emotional, and social lifestyle is key, and these are the key mantras that flow through our community.

We promote lifelong health—this means each and every day. We care about your health and provide you with the tools to maintain it after you complete our program.

We want to be a part of this journey with you, so we encourage you to always provide your feedback! Let us know how you find the Original Matchatox Program, and stay in touch either via social media or at Our greatest passion is health, fitness, and wellbeing. We are available 24/7 whenever you need our assistance.