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Does the team at Healthy Body Matcha ship your product internationally? 

Yes, we ship all over the world!

How long will postage take?

We are currently in our pre-order stage, so please allow at least 30 days for your order to be processed and fulfilled. 

Is the HBM Matchatox Program safe?

Yes - we source our product from only natural and pure ingredients.

However, if you are under 12 years, pregnant, or breastfeeding, please do not take our product. The Colon tea may affect the contraceptive pill in rare cases, so we recommend you take them at different times of the day and seek further advice from a healthcare professional if required. Typically like any other medical query, we recommend you be prudent and always consult your doctor before commencing use of the Colon Cleanse or if you have any general concerns. 

Is your product gluten free?

All of our products are gluten free.

Do I need to exercise while drinking Healthy Body Matcha?

Yes, here at HBM the team want to empower you with our original Matchatox experience. However, this means eating well and implementing a sustainable exercise program. It is vital that you exercise on a regular basis if you want to achieve extra weight loss and health benefits.