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The HBM Matcha Shaker


The HBM Matcha Shaker

The HBM Matcha Shaker


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The HBM Matcha* Shaker featuring:

A Modern design // 

  • Fashion meets function in this sleek, high-end bottle.

    A Specialised Stainless Steel Matcha Infuser // 

    • For optimal taste, convenience and functionality.

    BPA Free Materials // 

    • No nasty toxins.

    Precision Filter //

    • For efficient matcha mixing

    A Travel Belt // 

    • Take your HBM Matcha Shaker everywhere you go with our on-the-go designed handle lid.

    *Please note that the bottle is specifically designed for use with matcha and cold water. This ensures that the key antioxidants and nutrients are extracted from the organic matcha product that we have designed as part of our Orginial Matchatox Program. Please do not use for any other purpose. Check out our 'how to use' section for more guidance here.

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